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  Statue of forum

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PostSubject: Statue of forum   Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:59 pm

Statue of forum:

1. Admin is always right.
2. If not, refer to the point 1.
3. I have a sincere hope that people Rusing his forum are humans, so two previous points will treat with a grain of salt. Wink
4. Admin has right to appoint and refer moderators.
5. Moderators have rights to warn and ban users who does not follow the rules and have right to edit posts when they detect errors or find an offensive contents.
6. Your problems, complaints etc. Please report to the topic: ‘User to Admin’ or write PM to Admin.
7. Your suggestions please write also In ‘User to Admin’.
8. Username, awatar and signature cannot include offensive contents.
9. Spamming and writing offensive contents is strictly prohibited.
10. One person can have only one account. While Rusing more than one, everyone of them can be deleted.
11. Using Pok3m0ns is not allowed. All PoK3m0n-like written posts will be deleted.
12. User is responsible for his/her posts.
13. Statue can be updated in anytime, so please read sometimes ‘Admin to user’
14. While breaking the rules of statue, user can be warned or banned from this forum.
15. Registration and using this forum means acceptance of this statue.

That is all for now.
Best regards,
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Statue of forum
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